The U.S. surveillance state just keeps pushing the "fear" story, while violating our privacy rights. 

Article by Marcy Wheeler for Vice

On Wednesday afternoon, the House passed the USA Freedom Act by the large margin of 383 to 88. What happens now—specifically, what the Senate will do—is anyone's guess.

Check out this great resource to learn more about the copyright reform that may put our right to link at risk. To speak out add your voice at

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With the news that we could be in for new rules that would allow the proliferation of link censorship online, many community members are wondering: how will this affect me?

And more specifically, what does life after links look like?

Senate has done the wrong thing, but that the fight is far from over and we have to keep up the pressure. Call Congress to Stop Fast Track NOW.

Article by Sabrina Siddiqui for The Guardian

The US Senate reached a compromise on Wednesday to advance Barack Obama’s sweeping trade agenda, one day after a failed vote dealt an early blow to the White House’s pursuit of new free trade agreements with Asia and Europe. 

If Zuckerberg actually cares about helping the world's poorest in this way, he should use his wealth and influence to boost the initiatives that are already on the ground.

Article by John Naughton for The Guardian 

Some years ago, I had a conversation with a senior minister in which he revealed that he thought the web was the internet. While I was still reeling from the shock of finding a powerful figure labouring under such a staggering misconception, I ran into Sir Tim Berners-Lee at a Royal Society symposium. Over coffee, I told him about my conversation with the minister. “It’s actually much worse than that,” he said, ruefully. “Hundreds of millions of people now think that Facebook is the internet.” not only violates net neutrality, it puts privacy, free expression and innovation at risk wherever it goes. 

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Article by Timothy Karr for the Huffington Post

Mark Zuckerberg's plan for world domination is in deep trouble.The billionaire Facebook founder recently took to his social network in a bid to save, his plan to give billions of the planet's poorest people a limited taste of the World Wide Web.


TPP is not only being kept secret to prevent public debate, but also to prevent Congressional debate. U.S. Senate might be voting on the Fast Track bill this afternoon, which will take them a step closer to the TPP. Call your Senator and tell him to Stop Fast Track using THIS tool.

Article by Cory Doctorow for Boing Boing

We thought it was crazy when Obama's trade threatened Congress with prison if they disclosed anything about the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership.

BREAKING: Obama’s own Senators have just put the brakes on Fast Track and the TPP, potentially putting the brakes on the process for the foreseeable future.

Slated for debate in the Senate this afternoon, President Obama’s Trade Promotion Authority Bill, better known as ‘Fast Track Legislation,’ was shut down before it even reached the floor, effectively derailing the plan to pass the Bill as soon as possible and demonstrate momentum to the 11 other countries negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

If you visit airports or swap SIM cards often, you might be flagged by "Skynet", not Terminator's intelligence computer defense system, but NSA's secret program that analyzes location and metadata from phone records to detect potentially suspicious patterns.

Article by Louis Dore for The Independent

The NSA has been revealed to have developed a secret program called Skynet, which attempted to identify terrorist connections.

The program, unlike it’s Terminator namesake, has not attempted to overthrow humanity, but has tracked the movements of people within Pakistan from cellphone records and warned when those activities matched movements of suspected Al Qaeda couriers.

If you want Internet freedom, help stop the Fast Track bill that would allow Obama to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other harmful rigged corporate agreements into law before Congress or the people see them:

Article by Ellen R. Shaffer for the Huffington Post

Senators should vote this Tuesday to stop the "Fast-Track" bill/Trade Promotion Authority Act (TPA), which would lock in the president's power to negotiate trade deals in secret, consulting with privileged corporate advisors but without input from the public, or Congress.