We want to hear about what matters to you

Posted by Alexa Pitoulis on Mon, 08/10/2015 - 15:52

Today, we’re asking you to take part in our annual community survey, where we’ll be asking you about the digital rights issues you care most about.

OpenMedia is based on shared values of collaborative decision-making, openness, and community-driven positive change. Our best ideas come from our incredible community members. This August, we want to hear about what matters to you.

So far in 2015 you’ve:

  • Stalled the secretive TPP’s Internet censorship plan and stirred public outcry

  • Secured our right to link freely 

  • Run a giant billboard pressuring Facebook for its net-neutrality-violating Internet plan 

Now, it’s time to let us know: what do you care most about to help guide our work going forward?

You can be proud to know that our OpenMedia community has never been bigger or more powerful than it is today.

Now, your OpenMedia team invites you to get under the hood and provide special direction for our future together.

With your feedback, we’ll be able to put our 2016 resources where they’ll do the most good for the most people.

Please take a moment now to provide special input into our work -- less than 5 minutes of your time will help chart the course of Internet freedom. Have your say right now at OpenMedia.org/Engage.