Business Insider: Net Neutrality report: Where we are now, what happens next, and why mobile is central to the debate

Posted by Soledad Vega on Wed, 08/26/2015 - 11:01

The way we use and access the Internet is changing, and  net neutrality provisions should adapt to those changes. Here's how the new net neutrality rules in the U.S. apply to the mobile market.

Article by Jessica Smith for the Business Insider

Americans are increasingly ditching their desktops and reaching for their mobile devices to access the internet instead. 

For this reason, mobile broadband – or internet access from any mobile device – was included in the FCC's recently adopted net neutrality proposal, making it subject to many of the same constraints and regulations as the wired internet.

This has added another layer to the hot-button debate on net neutrality – the concept that all data transmitted over the internet, from all sources, ranging from established digital content companies like Netflix to budding online startups to indie blogs, should be treated equally.

In a new report, BI Intelligence examines how new provisions enacted by the FCC are applied to the mobile market, the impact that the application of net neutrality has on stakeholders like ISPs, consumers, and digital media companies, and what is likely to happen with the FCC's net neutrality rules in the months and years to come.

Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • The FCC's newest set of rules on net neutrality aim to ensure fair and unfettered access to the internet by explicitly enforcing "bright-line rules," which prohibit the practices of blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization of data.

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