EFF: TPP delegates try to shut out citizens

Posted by Anonymous on Fri, 09/14/2012 - 15:45

Are you going to let them get away with this undemocratic secrecy? Stand up for the open Internet and your rights: StopTheTrap.net

Article by Maira Sutton for the EFF:
Secret negotiations over the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) continued this week in a golf resort outside Washington DC, and the process continues to be as secret and undemocratic as ever. TPP is yet another example of how the US entertainment and pharma industry are pressuring lawmakers to push forward overprotective intellectual property laws that will also put the Internet and its users at risk.

Last Sunday, EFF was at the negotiations to participate in the “stakeholder” events hosted by the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR). There were noticeably more organizations and companies present at the three-hour stakeholder tabling session than the last round of negotiations in San Diego.  
EFF had roughly 25 delegates and representatives come by the table to engage with us on our concerns with this agreement. We provided them with materials analyzing the agreement based upon leaked texts, and explained how the TPP would impact digital rights in their countries. The Stop the Trap coalition projected public comments on one of the walls of the large hotel conference room, while other stakeholders were protesting outside. Read more »
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