BREAKING: Fast Track bill has been derailed

Posted by Soledad Vega on Fri, 06/12/2015 - 19:28

Obama has made a trip to Capitol Hill in a last ditch attempt to save Fast Track for the TPP. Speak out now at

Article by Krista Hughes for Reuters 

A raging battle over President Barack Obama's request for "fast-track" authority central to improving U.S. ties with Asia resumes in the House of Representatives next week when lawmakers are expected to try to reverse Friday's defeat of linchpin trade legislation.

House Democrats disregarded Obama's personal pleas and teamed up with Republicans, for different reasons, to overwhelmingly defeat a program that helps American workers who lose their jobs as a result of trade deals.

Supporters were heartened, however, when the House narrowly approved a separate measure to give Obama "fast-track" authority to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal. But the legislation is stuck in the House because of the defeat Obama and House Speaker John Boehner suffered on the first vote.

Both measures are included in one bill and both need to be approved before the legislation can clear the House.

A House Republican aide told reporters Republican leaders hope to stage a vote again Tuesday to pass the worker aid portion of the bill. That would allow the entire bill to be signed into law by Obama, but its chances were unclear.

Obama, who made a last-ditch personal appeal to congressional Democrats to support the worker aid program, urged lawmakers to get behind the twin initiatives.

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